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Isn’t it interesting to be in a place in your life where you know you have a problem and want to fix it, but there’s some sort of resistance there or a true lack of certainty as to how to proceed?

So often, when we find that our bodies betray us with pain, our motivation to prepare for the expat lifestyle we love is difficult to access, and our strength is waning. We at least have a vague sense of the results we want and we know some basic actions we need to take to achieve those results.

But there’s a sticking point.

It can really help to have a fresh outlook on the problem to encourage your brain to switch from problem-focused thinking to solution-focused thinking.

In my free quick-start guide, I provide you with just what your brain needs to start finding those solutions that will work for you in your unique life. I address common issues that most of my expat clients cite as barriers to achieving successful recovery from pain and injury. You’ll find great, actionable material that you can put into effect immediately!

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